About the Project

The Outer Planet Alliance is a newly formed central authority representing the interests and unity of the communities living in the Asteroid Belt and the moons of the outer planets, dedicated to fostering economic growth and promoting cooperation and respect between the interstellar superpowers of Earth and Mars. This organization symbolizes the unique cultural identity and collective aspirations of its members, striving to establish a strong and cohesive presence in the broader interplanetary landscape.

This project was done in a logo course I took on Fiverr, in order to sharpen my skills when entering the platform as a seller and in order to receive a badge of Fiverr Learn, therefore moving up in Fiverr's algorithm.

The Objective
To design a logo for the Outer Planet Alliance. It must represent the united peoples who work and live in the Asteroid Belt and the surrounding moons of the outer planets. 
It should represent a strong and official central authority for this newly formed organization. If possible, it should promote a sense of cooperate and respect among the superpowers of Earth and Mars. Where possible, we need to promote the unique history of a newly established culture with a focus on economic growth.

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