About Cloudeye
Cloudeye is a web platform for managing the web services of an organization. It's packed with useful features like monitoring, automations, incident status updates, and a record of incidents to help solve problems faster in the future. This variety of functions highlighted the need for a strong and clear brand identity.
The Brandmark
We aimed to create a logo that is visually appealing and straightforward, with a modern and user-friendly design. It was important for the logo to strike a balance between looking high-tech and being accessible. Since Cloudeye offers a lot, the logo also needed to instill a sense of trust and calm in users, reflecting the platform’s innovative yet approachable nature.
The Mascot - "Kobi"
The area of our platform can be extremely intimidating, whether for customers or experts. Therefore, Kobi the robot plays a crucial role in making the website user-friendly, while keeping the futuristic and high tech desire and nature of the platform.
Kobi was created using rounded shapes, which appears more friendly than squared ones. The colors of choice are different shades of Cyan, the main color of the brand.

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