About the Project
Nouvelle is an emerging patisserie specializing in high-quality baking services including desserts, bread, cakes, and pralines. The business prides itself on offering personal treatment, boutique services, and the unique ability to fulfill special requests as per customer preference.

The Objective
My goal was to create a visual identity which reflects Nouvelle's commitment to quality, beauty, and deliciousness, encapsulating the artistic character of the chef and owner. It should stand out in the competitive market and be recognizable as a symbol of unique and aesthetically pleasing desserts.
The Idea
The logo is built from an abstract splash, inspired by the amazing splashing desserts you showed me, including the chocolate cake and the orange génoise. The splash elegantly forms the initials of the owner in his native language (Hebrew). By incorporating the initials, I’m able to emphasize the personal treatment clients can expect and the constant presence of the chef, who consistently upholds his high standards.​​​​​​​

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