About the Project

United Future Football Academy is a premier institution dedicated to cultivating young soccer talent and instilling a deep love for the game. It stands out for its comprehensive approach to player development, combining physical training, tactical knowledge, and mental resilience. The academy is committed to shaping well-rounded athletes who excel on the pitch and demonstrate integrity off it.​​​​​​​
This project is a part of my ChatGPT challenge, in which I design a comprehensive visual identity according to the briefs provided by the Chat :)

The Objective
My goal was to create a design that reflects the area of the academy in an innovative and futuristic way, which will establish trust and professionalism in the market. Although I was aiming for a futuristic look, I also wanted to design a timeless logo, a one that’s gonna become traditional over time, while unitying the community behind it.
The Idea
Creating the logo by combining the initials UFFA in an abstract manner enabled me to imbue the logo with a traditional look and feel, one that will become timeless in the years to come. 
By designing the 'A' to resemble a house and the 'U' to symbolize a shield, I aimed to evoke a sense of unity and the academy's commitment to developing players who uphold values both on and off the pitch—players dedicated to their community. These two elements help to align the community with the brand. 
The three stars represent the academy's dedication and motivation to excelimprove and win every day, utilizing the most modern and innovative technologies.​​​​​​​

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